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Welcome to Obsidian Fleet Headquarters, home of many of the best Play-By-e-Mail (PBeM), Play-by-SMS/Play-by-Nova (PBW) and Play-by-Bulletin-Board (PBB) Star Trek RPGs and simulations on the internet!
Since July 29, 2001, we have been dedicated to bringing you the best quality simming experience you can find!
Based in the Loki Sector and the planet Obsidian, we offer many quality sims for you to choose from.
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An online RPG community of people who love writing and Star Trek, Obsidian Fleet is the premier Star Trek sim group on the Internet. We offer a variety of Star Trek themed online role playing games (RPG) for Star Trek fans. Our Star Trek simulations feature play-by-post, play-by-email, and play-by-web roleplay to fit all of your online Star Trek desires.

Obsidian Fleet is a Star Trek RPG, also known as a roleplaying game, offering Play by email, Play by bulletin board, play by post, and play by SMS simulations. We are home to over 60 sims, or simulations, situated on star ships, starbases, and ground bases. Also the home of a Star Trek library and promotional tools.

Tired of the lackluster Star Trek Online roleplay scene? Looking for something more immersive and engaging than roleplay in Star Trek Online? Look no further. Opportunities abound in Obsidian Fleet! With 75 simms the right place is just waiting for you. Obsidian Fleet is set in the post-Nemisis era near the Romulan Neutral Zone. With so much to choose from, the right simm for you is only a few clicks away. Whether you are new to simming, or an old hand, the right position is out there just waiting to be filled. For those new to the scene, we offer first-class training by experienced and helpful instructors. In a matter of no time you'll be right at home behind a tricorder, warp core, or where ever your imagination can take you. Our 75 simms are not limited to starships, although we do have many ranging across the class spectrum from Excelsior, to Luna, to Galaxy, all the way to Defiant. We also have Starbases and a Seabase on which to serve, if something less mobile strikes your fancy. For those who like to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground, there is also a Marine Base to help maintain. No matter what your preferences, there is a simm waiting for you in Obsidian Fleet. Each simm is a well-rounded community of players dedicated to the enjoyable recreation of their little corner of the Star Trek Universe. Although each simm has its own unique requirements, common positions include engineering, science, medical, operations, security and tactical, among others. But for some, a civilian life is the way to go. That's okay too! Many simms have civilian characters ranging from bartenders to news reporters. Your imagination is the only limiting factor to the fun you are about to have. For over ten years now Obsidian Fleet has been a leader in quality Star Trek simming and roleplay. We run multiple styles of games including play-by-email, forum-based and SMS style games. There is a perfect fit for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Positions can fill quickly. Apply for a ship today at www.obsidianfleet.net!